Matthew Curry, CIM: Before You Sell Your Home - Key Points.

First impressions are critical

Potential buyers will form an opinion about your home within the first 15 seconds of seeing it. Small details make a big difference.

Curb Appeal

The front of your home is the first thing people see. Wash your windows. Have your lawn cut. Plant seasonal flowers. Remove excess yard waste. Have your downspouts cleaned. This first impression might be the most important.


Remove as many knick-knacks, books, and miscellaneous items as possible. Clear off countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms. The fewer distractions there are for buyers the more they will be focused on the space.

Clean Your Closets

See if excess items can be removed from closets and cupboards to show more space. Remove seasonal clothing from wardrobes. One bottle of balsamic vinegar the pantry is enough. Buyers want to see space. If things are stuffed full they’ll feel the home lacks storage.


Photographs and personal items are wonderful keepsakes. But they create distractions for those viewing your home. Buyers want to see themselves in what might be their new home. Try to minimize your personal effects in every room.


Less furniture shows more space. It also declutters and depersonalizes. Consider removing excess furniture, and put any old, tattered, or heiloom items into storage for the listing period.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers are inviting, beautiful, and aromatic. They promote a fresh and clean effect in any space.


It’s essential to keep your home clean during the listing period. Nothing is more distracting to a buyer than dirt or odours. Try to keep up with cleaning throughout the listing period.

Good Working Order

Have no doubt, buyers will turn on your stove. They’ll open the fridge. They’ll test your shower’s water pressure. They’ll look under your sink and turn on lights. Do a test run of all of your fixtures and appliances to ensure they operate properly.

Look At Rooms From A Buyer’s Perspective

It’s important to look at your house as a buyer would. Notice the details. See if you need any paint or or small repairs. The fewer structural changes that appear necessary, the higher the perceived value of the home.

I always discuss these details with my clients at length, but please email me directly for more info.