Paperwork Distributed

After the sale, I coordinate all necessary documents to be sent to your real estate lawyer. He/she will require the paperwork immediately to begin the closing process.

Purchaser Visits

The Buyers will want to come back through your home for the ‘Purchaser Visits’ we mention in the After You Buy section. This permits them 1hr intervals to look at the property again with their agent prior to closing. There are often two or three visits depending on how long your closing date is. You’ll receive ample notice for such visits. They are always accompanied by an agent.

Book Your Movers

As soon as you know your moving date, make the call. As we discuss in After You Buy, it can be wise to book your move for the day after closing. Also call around for movers; they vary in quality and price.

Contact Your Utilities  

Notify them of your closing date so all charges for the utilities will cease on closing. You’ll also want to to be aware of establishing services at your new address.

Change Your Address

Contact Canada Post for a change of address and mail forwarding service.

Keep In Contact With Your Lawyer

Your lawyer will advise you of the required steps leading to closing and when you are required to sign the final paperwork. For a list of recommended real estate lawyers email me here.

Contact Your Mortgage Broker

Be in touch with you broker if you’re transferring or bridging your mortgage to your next property, or for discharge requirements if you’re closing a mortgage.

A Note On Closing Day

Be ready to be out of your home as early as 9am on closing day. Closings often happen in the afternoon, but if it your property closes early, you won’t any longer have the right to be there. Nor should your movers be removing the last of your items at this time. Legally you must be out of the home at the point of closing.

I always discuss these details with my clients at length, but please email me directly for more info.